Letra de Widdershins - Children Of Bodom

Letra de canción de Widdershins de Children Of Bodom lyrics

The path I have walked
Is now covered in dust of contrition
As you say I've lost my way

The night's getting clouded over
I hear the echo of your call
Sweet words softly weaving
My eyes open and bleeding

One way or the other has never been the right direction
Our sky or another could be on reflection
I'm looking up if the stars sigh the afterlife that is to be mine
And wonder if you'll ever let them shine

(Alive or dead but not dead yet) widdershins and hence we fly
The left hand path
Attract a wicked mind

Backwards we walk thru the maze of the life we spent
A new beginning could be the end
I'm looking up and the stars sigh afterlife that you are to be mine
Don't wonder just let them shine

Widdershins and hence we fly
The left hand path
Attract a wicked mind
Alive or dead but not dead yet you dance around me widdershins and the
Two tormented souls met

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