Letra de Walking - Steve Grand

Letra de canción de Walking de Steve Grand lyrics

Caught up in the lights
Cameras in my face
Where did we go wrong
Why'd you walk away?
I know I let you down
Promised I would change
Ain't so simple now
What else can I say?
I'm down
On my knees
I'm trying but I'm bound
By these things

Sometimes at night I go walking
Tracing the streets of this town
Baby don't cry we're just talking
Now you got me wondering, how
How you could kiss me
How you could hold me
Even with all you've come to know
About me
How could you love me
How could you love me
How could you love me

Why'd you slam the door?
Just let me explain
Get you ass inside!
Come out from the rain
I gave to you my youth
Put a price on that
How can I show you
I'd never take it back
I know
I've messed up
I'm begging you don't go
Giving up

So when I close my eyes tonight
I got to know your by my side

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