Letra de Ti Amo - Gina G

Letra de canción de Ti Amo de Gina G lyrics

ti amo dove sei andato, amore mio, amore mio

i remember when i saw your face
you caught me smiling, i had to look away
and i could not resist the promise of your kiss
now, dream is all i do, of paradise and you

i wanna be where the sun is shining
amore mio
i wanna have you there beside me
amore mio
now those lazy summer days
they seem so far away
wherever you may go
ti amo

i remember sunsets on fire
nights of endless passion
burning with desire
i close my eyes i can see your smile
sky is clear, the ocean blue
i'm in paradise with you


take me back to where the magic is
let me hold you in my arms
under the stars
rainy days and lonely nights
only darkness there's no light
without you in my life

ti amo


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