Letra de Let's Get Crazy - Bso Hannah Montana 3

Letra de canción de Let's Get Crazy de Bso Hannah Montana 3 lyrics

you ready?whoahere we go
lifes its just a party so come as you are
dress it up,our dress it down dont forget your guitar
just be coreageus,cuz styles contageus
everyone can rock out like a superstar
Lets get crazy
get up and dance take a swin do your think
it work take it a chance
Lets get crazy
(yhea) just kick up yor hils
dont miss out time to shout
always keeping it real lets get crazy
our songs, our styles,our hear, our smile, our laught , our hart,our grace,our smarts.
see me on the cover of a magazines (remember)
place are always different then ya wig on screen,ha!!!
heres an invitacion to every nation
meet me on the dance floor and whel make a scene
whoa oh, our songs, our styles,our hear...
(chorus #2) turn the music up loaud now the time to udwine lose yourself in a clowd LETS GET CRAZY yha the fun just beghun cmon dance everyone heres an invitacion to every nation oh, oh yhea}x2

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