Letra de Just A Girl - Bso Hannah Montana 3

Letra de canción de Just A Girl de Bso Hannah Montana 3 lyrics

Finally, i,ve i whaiting for this moment
for you the see the real me
its been a ilution, but i never meant to fool you
i got at up in a fantasy
i,m just a girl whit the dream that got the best of me
in a world that believes fame is everythink (yhea, yhea)
got outta touch whit the ones who ge me wins to fly, to fly

people say that the world its lake a stage guess i confiusee the roles i play i,v been away for home for so long that i almost for got for home belong (yha,yhea ,yhea)
its so easy to forget what realy matters in this life,
so hard to live whit regress whit a promees i will try
to be the better me for now im sorry
i didt meter to you wrong
got outta touch whit the ones who get me wins to fly ,to fly}x4

who get me my wins so i can fly ican fly yhea yhea
i,m just a girl

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