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Letra de canción de Here I Am de Bso Camp Rock lyrics

They tell you a good girl is quiet
and that you should never ask why
'cause it only makes it harder to fit in
and you should be happy, excited
even if you're just invited
'causethe winners need
someone to clap for them
it'so hard, just waiting
in a line that never moves
it's time you strarted making
your own rules

you gotta scream until
there's nothing left
with your last breath, say
here i am, here i am
here i am, here i am

you onlyget one life to work it
so who care's if it's not perfect
say. "it's close enough to perfect for me"
why should you hide from te thunder
and the lightning that you're under
'cause there ain't nobody else
you wanna be
if how you're living isn't working
there's one thing that'll help
you got to finaly just stop searching
to find youself


the world better make some room
yeah move over, over.
'cause you're coming though
'cause you're coming through

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