Letra de Gone (Medley) - Justin Timberlake

Letra de canción de Gone (Medley) de Justin Timberlake lyrics

There's a thousand words that
I could say, to make you come home, yeah
Seems so long ago you walked away
Left me alone
And I remeber what you said to me,
You were acting so strange
And maybe I was too blind to see
That you needed a change

Was it something I said to make you turn away
To make you walk out and leave me cold
If I could just find a way
To make it so that you were right here, right now

I've been sitting here
Can't get you off my mind
I'm trying my best to be a man and be strong
I drove myself insane, wishing I could touch your face
But the truth remains, you're Gone

Now I don't wanna make excuses, baby
Won't change the fact that you're gone
But if there's something that I could do, won't you please let me know
Time is passing so slowly now, guess that's my life without you
And maybe I could change my everyday, but baby I don't want to

So I'll just hang around and find some things to do
To take my mind off missing you
And I know in my heart, you can't say that you don't love me too
Please say you do, yeah


What will I do if I can't be with you
Tell me where will I turn to, baby who will I be
Now that we are apart, am I still in your heart?
Baby why don't you see that I need you here with me?


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