Letra de Cooties - Allen, Aimee - Bso Hairspray

Letra de canción de Cooties - Allen, Aimee de Bso Hairspray lyrics

They came from way far out
In outer space
She's hard to miss
And so they landed on her face

She's got cooties!
They've found a place to nest
She's got cooties
If i were her i'd be depressed
Long tailed, sharp nailed
Fuzzy legs, laying eggs

Oh no, get 'em

In science class
She's like a walking show-and-tell
Her pet skunk ran away
'Cause it couldn't take the smell

She's got cooties
Nobody want to sit by her
She's got cooties
She don't need a coat
'Cause she's got fur!
Circle, circle,
Dot, dot, dot
Hurry, get your cootie shot!
"Come on boys, let's stamp 'em out!"

She's just as friendly as can be
She shows them cootie hospitality
She's got cooties
She's like a living "twilight zone"
She's got cooties

Quick, get rod serling on the phone!

Black, white, red, green
Every color in between
Dresses like a circus clown
Somebody oughta hose her down
Grew up in a cootie zoo
I bet her two-ton mama's got 'em too!

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