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Letra de canción de Celebrate de Dj Bobo lyrics

Every night and day
Never runaway
Wake up it’s not a dream
It’s never too late
This life is for free

When you’ve got the key
To reality
Let’s celebrate
All the dreams come true
Just for me and you
Let’s celebrate

Be yourself and you’ll see
The best things in your life are free
Don’t give up, stay alive
Honesty can make you survive

Rap 1:
Can you see all these people
Walking through the streets of life
Without a smile in their faces
how can they survive
It’s a dangerous world they are living in
Between imaginations and expectations on their way
To the point of no return
They only live once and have to learn, your
Life is too brief to waste time for hate
It’s never too late to celebrate

Rap 2:
Reality, is what they’re looking for
Love is what they all adore
Feeling like a bird in a cage
covered by a curtain flying into a rage reaching
The point of no return
Let it burn, let it burn
They only live once and they have to learn, your
Life is too brief to waste time for hate

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