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Letra de canción de An Eluardian Instance de Of Montreal lyrics

Does she know, you should know that I
Am not just searching for some first-time high?
I know it's all about perceptions,
And I accept you as my very first mover

Ahhh, ah yeahhh
Ahhh yeahhh, ahhh yeahhhh
La la la la la la

(horn break)

I remember riding bikes on Koster Island,
Plotting midnight raids on the Swedish plum trees
That summer,
It was too cold to swim, so
We climbed upon the rocky shore and freaked out on
The mountain goats,
But they were not impressed or scared of us

Do you remember? Our last summer as independents? (4x)
Do you remember (Do you remember?)

I was a foreigner when you appeared
From the shadows at the Mono club
I was a hater in the depths of an emotional hibernation
You sat me down, we had some drinks
And you told me all kinds of insanity
I asked your friend if you were available
She answered, 'no, but yes, oh well oh well, yes and no,'

Now, I'm viewing my memory reel in reverse
Scrolling back to come to feel your weather then
Now, I'm noting the Himmlers of our parabola
To predict the points of thou-shalt-not-return

This inbreeding of ideas is intolerable
I wish David was here
I can't take your persecution complex and
I'm not gonna absorb your stress output any more
Oh don't you pimp out my heart
Don't you pimp out my heart

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