Acorde de You Only Cross My Mind In Winter - Sting

Letra de You Only Cross My Mind In Winter

Capo.: 3

C     G             C
Always this winter child,
           Dm       G7              C
December's sun sits low against the sky
Am    B               Am
Cold light on frozen fields,
                     D      G
The cattle in their stable lowing.

      C        G            C
When two walked this winter road,
             Dm           G7             C
Ten thousand miles seemed nothing to us then,
Am   B                Am
one walks with heavy tread
                        D          G4  G
The space between their footsteps slowing

G                    A7
All day the snow did fall,
What's left of the day is close drawn in,
             C                 A     A7
I speak your name as if you'd answer me,

         F                        C
But the silence of the snow is deafening
F                        G
How well do I recall our arguments,
     C                     F
Our logic owed no debts or recompense,
   Dm                      G7
Philosophy and faith were ghosts that we would chase until
              C     D    D7  G
The gates of heaven were broken

C                              G
But something makes me turn, I don't know,
    Cm                     G
To see another's footsteps there in the snow,
              F                            Dm
I smile to myself and then I wonder why it is
                  G       G7   C
You only cross my mind in winter

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