Acorde de What A Difference A Day Made - Jamie Cullum

Letra de What A Difference A Day Made

Intro: (F  Dm  Gm  C)  x3  F  Dm  Gm 

Gm C Fmaj7

What a difference a day made, twenty four little hours

Bb Gm C F(x2)

Brought the sun and the flowers where there use to be rain

D/G A Dm7(x2)

My yesterday was blue dear Today (still) I'm a part of you dear

Gm C(x2)

My lonely nights are through dear since you said you were mine


Gm C Fmaj7

Oh, what a difference a day made there's a rainbow before me

Bb Gm C F F7

Skies above can't be stormy since that moment of bliss that thrilling kiss

Bb Bbm Am7

it's heaven when you find romance on your menu

Dm7 Gm C (F Gm) C Gm C F

what a difference a day made and the difference is (you) x2

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