Acorde de Two For The Price Of One - Abba

Letra de Two For The Price Of One

INTRO   Dsus2  D      Dsus2  D     Bm11   Bm7 

Bm11 Bm7 Em9 Em7 Em9 Em7

(VERSE) (D) He had what you might call a trivial occupation

(Bm) he cleaned the platforms of the local railway station

(Em) with no romance in his life - sometimes he wished he had a wife

(D) He read the matrimonial advertising pages

the cries for help from different (Em) people, (D/F#) different (G) ages

but they had (D/F#) nothing to say, at least not (Em) until the day,

when something (B) special he read, (Em) this is what it (A) said

(Chorus) (D) If you (A) dream, of the (Em) girl for (Bm) you, then (Em) call us (Bm)and get

(A) two for the (G) price (D/F#) of (D) one

We're the (A) answer, if (Em) you feel (Bm) blue, so (Em) call us (Bm) and get

(A) two for the (G) price (D/F#) of one (Dsus2) (D) (Dsus2) (D)




She said I'm sure we must be perfect for each other

(D/C) and if you doubt it you'll be certain when you meet (D) my (Em) mo (D/F#) ther

OUTRO G G D D Em D/F# repeat

Dsus2 xx0230

Bm11 x24230

Bm7 x24232 or 797777

Em9 07577x

D/F# 2x0232

D/C x3x232

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