Acorde de These Four Walls - Miley Cyrus

Letra de These Four Walls

{Intro} G - D/F# – Am - C (x2) 


G D/F# Am C

These four walls, they whisper to me

G D/F# Am C

They know secrets I knew they would not keep

Em D/F# A C

It didn't take long for the room to fill with dust

G D/F# Am D

And these four walls came down around us


C G D/F# Em

It must have been something to send me out of my head

C G D/F# Em

With the words so radical and not what I meant

C G D/F# Em

Now I wait for a break, in the silence cause it's all that you left

C G D/F#

Just me and these four walls again


Am C


It's hard now to let you be

G D/F# Am C

I won't make excuses, I've made my peace

Em D/F# A C

It didn't take long for me to lose this trust

G D/F# Am D

Cause these four walls, they're not strong enough

{REPEAT Chorus}


Em G G

Yeah it's difficult, watching us fade

D/F# Em

Knowing it's all my fault, my mistake


Yeah it's difficult letting you down

D/F# C

Knowing it's all my fault, that you're not around

{REPEAT Chorus}

G - D/F# – Am - C (x2)

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