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Letra de The King Has Lost His Crown

Intro chords  Am9(x02413 or657555)      D9(xxx021 or xx5455) 

D G C G E+(x02110) Am Em D

(VERSE 1) (D)I believe(G) your Cmaj7new girl turned you down(G)

Cmaj7 D And they say(G) she's (Cmaj7)pushin' you around(G)

How does it (D)feel, I guess it hurts(D9) your pride(G)

Tell me my (D)friend how many nights(C) you've cried(B7sus4)

(Chorus) (E7)Disaster and disgrace(Am)

The king has lost his crown


He's (C)clumsy (Cm)like a clown(G)Ahhhh(E+) haaaa(E)(Am)

The world is upside down


The king has lost his crown (Em)

(VERSE 2) Was it hard to step down from your throne

And to know tonight you're all alone

Oh what a shame, you really want that girl

She doesn't care, still you just dream of her

(Chorus) x2

Cmaj7 x032000

Dsus4 xx0233

B7sus4 x242522

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