Acorde de Save The World - Bon Jovi

Letra de Save The World

Intro- C# | A#m | Fm | G# | x2

D# A# Cm G#

I never went to college I don-t have a degree

D# A# Cm G#

Just say I went night school, I learned all I know on the street

D# A# Cm G#

I wasn-t born a rich man; no I ain-t got no pedigree,

Fm G#sus4 G#

Sweat on this old collar, that-s my P.H.D.

C# A#m F#

It comes down to this I wouldn-t exist,

C# Fm

Without you it ain-t worth the time

C# A#m F#

I-d fight for one kiss, on a night like this

Cm Csus4 C

You make me feel I can fly and I-


F C Dm A# F C7

I can save the world, since the night your love saved me

F C Dm A# F C7

Baby I can save the world, but as long as you-re near me

A# A#m

Baby I can save the world.

I-ve got to confess, sometimes I-m a mess, and sometimes I step out of


Like this old tattoo, I ain-t shiny or new, with you by my side nothing


Chorus: (on the last line add a F# to the D and Dm)

Solo: C# | A#m | F# | C7


F C Dm A#

Now they can say it-s blind love, but it-s a fool who don-t believe

F C Dm A#

I-d take the wait of the moon, just to walk in down your street

Final Chorus:

F C Dm A# F C

I can save the world, since the night your love saved me

F C Dm A# F C

Baby I can save the world, but as long as you believe,

A# C

Our love is even stronger, than God hoped it could be

A# C

Baby all it takes, is just a little faith in me, to feel like

A# C Dm Am Dm7 G

I can save the world,

A# C G D Em C

I can save, the world

Outro: G | D | Em | C | x4

Since I'm such a nice guy I've Tabbed the Intro for you. Aren't I nice?

C# A#m Fm G#



G|---12b14?14-12-10-12b14-12-10-14----12--| ( X 2 )





G#sus4- x30010

Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Crush , Crush (Special Edition)

El acorde de Save The World de Bon Jovi es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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