Acorde de Rock 'N' Roll Star - Amy Macdonald

Letra de Rock 'N' Roll Star

Capo 7th fret

Chords Used:

D : (xxo232)

Dsus4 : (xx0233)

D6/9 : (xx0200)

Asus4 : (x02230)

A7sus4 : (x02033)

Em7 : (022030)

G : (320033)

Intro: D Dsus4 D6/9 D x4

Verse 1:


So called Mr. rock 'n roll he's dancing on his own again,

Talking on his phone again to someone who tells him that his

G D Dsus4 D6/9 D x2

balance is low he's got nowhere to go he's on his own again.

Verse 2:


Rock chic of the century is acting like she used to be,

dancing like there's no one there before she ever seemed to care now

G D Dsus4 D6/9 D x2

she wouldn't dare, it's so rock 'n roll to be alo - hone.

Chorus 1:

D Asus4 Em7

And they'll meet one day far away and say I wish I was something more,

Asus4 Em7

and they'll meet one day far away and say I wish I knew you, I wish I knew

D Dsus4 D6/9 D x4

you before.


Verse 3:


Mrs black and white shes never seen a shade of grey


always somthing on her mind, every single day but now she's lost her way,

D Dsus4 D6/9 D x2

and where does she go from here?

Verse 4:


Mr. multicultural sees all that one could see,

he's living proof of someone very different to me

G D Dsus4 D6/9 D x2

but now he want's to be free, free so he can see.

Chorus 2: AS CHORUS 1


D Em7 Asus4 G D

He'll say I wish I knew you, I wish met you when time was still on my side

Em7 Asus4 G Asus4

she'll say I wish I knew you, I wish I loved you before I was his bride.

Asus4 A7sus4

Verse 5:

A7sus4 D

And so they must be depart too many moral broken hearts

but i've seen that all before in t.v. books and films and more

G D Dsus4 D6/9 D x2

and there's a happy ending, every single day.

Outro: AS CHORUS 1

Letra subida por: Anónimo

Discos en los que aparece este acorde: A Curious Thing (Deluxe Edition)

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