Acorde de Play It Again - Becky G

Letra de Play It Again


Watch me take it up, then I break it down

Em D

I don't play sports, but it's a touchdown


I don't blend in, I'm a black sheep

Em D

And even then, ha they still follow me


I rock three stripes, can go and check my closet

Em D

Never share the guap, can go and check my wallet


I?m a comet, out of this planet

Em D

Sitting on the throne and these haters can't stand it

G C Em

Dj, play my song on the radio


Lift me up when I'm feeling low

C Em

Drop the beat and play it again


Play it again, yeah

(Continue with the same chord pattern)


Dj, spin it back if you're feeling me

The 808 track is all I need

Drop the beat and play it again

Play it again, yeah

Now watch me do my thing

Do my thing out on the stage

I become an animal

Go and put me in a cage

I'm a beast, I'm a beast

Why they let me off my leash?

No you can't tame me

In this jungle of concrete

I'm a creature, I ain't lying

Not a cheetah, I'm a lioness

They saying that I'm the best

And I ain't drop an album yet

I got them waiting, anticipating

They losing patience

My music is vaccination for all my loyal patients

Ride to the moon moon light

Let the boom boom play

Turn it up 'til you feel that base

Rock, never gon, gon stop

Say whatcha wanna say

We finna keep going anyway

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El acorde de Play It Again de Becky G es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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