Acorde de My Own Version of You - Bob Dylan

Letra de My Own Version of You

           Am7                           Bsus4  B

All through the summers, into January

I've been visiting morgues and monasteries

Looking for the necessary body parts

Limbs and livers and brains and hearts

I'll bring someone to life, is what I wanna do

I wanna create my own version of you

Am7 Bsus4 B

Well, it must be the winter of my discontent

I wish you'd've taken me with you wherever you went

They talk all night and they talk all day

Not for a minute do I believe anything they say

I'm gon' bring someone to life, someone I've never seen

You know what I mean, you know exactly what I mean

Am7 Bsus4 B

I'll take the Scarface Pacino and The Godfather Brando

Mix it up in a tank and get a robot commando

If I do it upright and put the head on straight

I'll be saved by the creature that I create

I'll get blood from a cactus, gunpowder from ice

I don't gamble with cards and I don't shoot no dice

Can you look at my face with your sightless eyes?

Can you cross your heart and hope to die?

I'll bring someone to life, someone for real

Someone who feels the way that I feel

Am7 Bsus4 B

I study Sanskrit and Arabic to improve my mind

I wanna do things for the benefit of all mankind

I say to the willow tree, "Don't weep for me"

I'm saying to hell to all things that I used to be

Well, I get into trouble, then I hit the wall

No place to turn, no place at all

I'll pick a number between a-one and two

And I ask myself, "What would Julius Caesar do?"

I will bring someone to life in more ways than one

Don't matter how long it takes, it'll be done when it's done

Am7 Bsus4 B

I'm gonna make you play the piano like Leon Russell

Like Liberace, like St. John the Apostle

I'll play every number that I can play

I'll see you maybe on Judgment Day

After midnight, if you still wanna meet

I'll be at the Black Horse Tavern on Armageddon Street

Two doors down, not that far a walk


I'll hear your footsteps, you won't have to knock

I'll bring someone to life, balance the scales

I'm not gonna get involved any insignificant details

Am7 Bsus4 B

You can bring it to St. Peter

You can bring it to Jerome

You can bring it all the way over

Bring it all the way home

Bring it to the corner where the children play

You can bring it to me on a silver tray

I'll bring someone to life, spare no expense

Do it with decency and common sense

Am7 Bsus4 B

Can you tell me what it means, to be or not to be?

You won't get away with fooling me

Can you help me walk that moonlight mile?

Can you give me the blessings of your smile?

I'll bring someone to life, use all of my powers

Do it in the dark, in the wee, small hours

Am7 Bsus4 B

I can see the history of the whole human race

It's all right there, it's carved into your face

Should I break it all down? Should I fall on my knees?

Is there light at the end of the tunnel, can you tell me, please?

Stand over there by the cypress tree

Where the Trojan women and children were sold into slavery

Long before the first Crusade

Way back before England or America were made

Step right into the burning hell

Where some of the best-known enemies of mankind dwell

Mr. Freud with his dreams, Mr. Marx with his ax

See the raw hide lash rip the skin from their backs

Got the right spirit, you can feel it, you can hear it

You've got what they call the immortal spirit

Am7 Bsus4 B

You can feel it all night, you can feel it in the morn'

It creeps in your body the day you were born

One strike of lightning is all that I need

And a blast of electricity that runs at top speed

Shimmy your ribs, I'll stick in the knife

Gonna jumpstart my creation to life

I wanna bring someone to life, turn back the years

Do it with laughter and do it with tears

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