Acorde de Miss Independent - Ne-Yo

Letra de Miss Independent

No capo. somente o basico. 

D7sus4 Em Cadd9 D

Ooh is something about. Just something about the way she move

D7sus4 Em Cadd9 D

I can't figure it out. It's something about her

D7sus4 Em Cadd9 D

Say, ooh is something about. Kinda woman that want you but don't need you

D7sus4 Em Cadd9 D

Hey, I can't figure it out. It's something about her

D7sus4 Em Cadd9 D

'Cause she walk like a boss. Talk like a boss

D7sus4 Em Cadd9 D

Manicure nails just set the pedicure off. She's fly effortlessly

D7sus4 Em Cadd9 D

And she move like a boss. Do what a boss


D7sus4 Em Cadd9 D

Do, she got me thinking about getting involved. That's the kinda girl I need (oh)

((Note: Those four chords continue until the change below. Then they continue again

the song.))

{Bridge Change:}

Cadd9 the 'e' string D

Her favorite thing to say, don't worry I got it


And everything she got best believe she bought it

Cadd9 the 'e' string D

She gon' steal my heart ain't no doubt about it, girl

F Dsus2 D

You're everything I need, said you're everything I need

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