Acorde de Kisses Of Fire - Abba

Letra de Kisses Of Fire

INTRO/VERSE Lay your head on my chestGm so you hearC6 every beat Gm9of my heart 

C6Now there's nothing at allGm Gmthat can keepC6 us apartD

DmTouch my Bblips, close your Gm7eyes and Csee with your AmfingerDtips

Gm7Things that you Am7do, and you Bbknow I'm crazy 'bout youCCsus4

Chorus FKisses of fire, burnDming, burning

BbI'm at the point of no Creturning

FKisses of fire, sweeDmt devotions

BbCaught in a landslide Cof emotionsAm

DmI've had my share of love affairsBb and they were nothing compared toF this

COh, FI'm riding higher than the Bbsky and there is fire in every Ckiss

DmKisses of CfiDmre

Bbm7Kisses of fire


VERSE When you sleep by my side I feel safe and I know I belong

Still it's making me scared that my love is so strong

Losing you It's a nightmare, babe, and to me it's new

Never before did you see me begging for more


Bbm7 x13121 or 686666

C6 xx3221 or 4x3555

Gm9 xx10,8,10,10 or 043533 or x3132x

Gm7 353333

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