Acorde de Key West (Philosopher Pirate) - Bob Dylan

Letra de Key West (Philosopher Pirate)

    Abm13       Bsus4  B

McKinley hollered, McKinley squalled

Doctor said, "McKinley, death is on the wall

Say it to me, if you got something to confess

I heard all about it, he was going down slow

I heard it on the wireless radio

From down in the boondocks way down in Key West

I'm searching for love, for inspiration

On that pirate radio station

Coming out of Luxembourg and Budapest

Radio signal, clear as can be


I'm so deep in love that I can hardly see

Down on the flatlands, way down in Key West

Abm13 Bsus4 B

Key West is the place to be

If you're looking for immortality

Stay on the road, follow the highway sign

Key West is fine and fair

If you lost your mind, you will find it there

Key West is on the horizon line

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El acorde de Key West (Philosopher Pirate) de Bob Dylan es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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