Acorde de Honey Honey - Abba

Letra de Honey Honey

Intro chords   F   Bb 

FHoney honey, how you thrill me, (Bb)ah-hah, honey honey

(F)Honey honey, nearly kill me, (Bb)ah-hah, honey honey

I'd (F)heard about you before(Dm)

(F)I wanted to know some more(Dm)

And (F)now I know what they mean,(Dm) you're a love machine (Bb)

Oh, you make me (C7)dizzy (C7sus4) (C7)

Honey honey, let me feel it, ah-hah, honey honey

Honey honey, don't conceal it, ah-hah, honey honey

The way that you kiss goodnight

(The way that you kiss me goodnight)

The way that you hold me tight

(The way that you're holding me tight)

I feel like I wanna sing when you do your thing

I (Cm7)don't wanna hurt you, (F7)baby, I (Bb)don't wanna see(F) you cry(Gm)

So (Cm7)stay on the ground, girl, you (F7)better not get too (Bb)high

But I'm gonna (Fm7)stick to you, (Bb)boy, you'll (Eb)never get (Bb)rid of me(Ab)

There's no other place in this world (Db)where I rather would be

Honey honey, touch me, baby, ah-hah, honey honey

Honey honey, hold me, baby, ah-hah, honey honey

You look like a movie star

(You look like a movie star)

But I know just who you are

(I know just who you are)

And, honey, to say the least, you're a doggone beast

So stay on the ground, girl, you better not get too high

There's no other place in this world where I rather would be

Honey honey ...

C7 x32321 or x35353 or 8 10 8 9 8 8

C7sus4 x35363

Cm7 x35343

Gm 355333

F7 131211

Eb x65343 or x68886

Db x43121 or x46664

Ab 466544

Bb 688766 or x13331

Letra subida por: Anónimo

El acorde de Honey Honey de Abba es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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