Acorde de Happy New Year - Abba

Letra de Happy New Year

INTRO  Asus2  E/A  A   E/A 

VERSE (A) No more cham (Bm7)pagne

And the fireworks are through

Here we are (D)

Me and you (A/C#)

Feeling lost (Bm7)

And feeling blue (E9/sus4)

It's the (A) end

Of the party (Bm7/b5)

And the (A/C#) morning seems so (C#7) grey

So unlike (D)

Yesterday (A/C#)

Now's the (Bm7) time for us to say (Esus4) (E)

Chorus Happy new (A) year

Happy new (C#7) year

May we all (F#m) have a (D) vision now and then (F#7)

Of a world where every neighbour is a friend (Bm7) (E)

Happy new (A) year

Happy new (C#7) year

May we all (F#m) have our (D) hopes, our will to try (F#7)

If we don't, we might as well lay down and die (Bm7) (E)

You and I (Bm7) (E7)

VERSE Sometimes I see

How the brave new world arrives

And I see

How it thrives

In the ashes of our lives

Oh yes, man is a fool

And he thinks he'll be ok

Dragging on (ooh)


Feet of clay (ooh)

Never knowing he's astray

Keeps on going



VERSE Seems to me now

That the dreams we had before

Are all dead

Nothing more

Than confetti on the floor

It's the end (end)

Of a decade

In another ten years time

Who can say (ooh)

What we'll find (ooh)

What lies waiting

Down the line

In the end of



A/C# x4222x

Bm7 x24232 or 797777

E9/sus4 022232

Bm7/b5 x2323x

C#7 x46464

Esus4 022200

F#7 242344

Letra subida por: Anónimo

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