Acorde de Give It All Up - Amy Macdonald

Letra de Give It All Up

capo 2nd fret

[G]I believe in everything I see

[D/F#]I believe you do the best for me

It's not a lot[Em]

It's all I've [C]got

[G]I believe that the day will come

[D/F#]When you see that your the only one

And the [Em]rain will fall from the sky

This is good[C]bye [D]


[C]Is there anyone you can [D]call?

Have you got nobody left at [Em]all?

Your back's against the [G]wall


[C]Is there no place else you'd rather [D]be?

Did you give it all up just for [Em]me? [G]

[C]I'm sorry if you got me wrong

I for[D]give you in a song.

[G]I wish that i could sore in the sky

[D/F#]I wish that i could fly, fly, fly

say good[Em]bye to my mother and bye to my dad

You're all I [C]have [D]


[C]Is there no place else you'de rather [D]be?

Did you give it all up just for me?[G]

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