Acorde de Flame Twin - Norah Jones

Letra de Flame Twin

       Em             Am7                      

I am the runner, you are the chaser

My twin in flames 'til we meet again

I am the lost, you can't be found

My twin in flames, lift me from the ground

D G Esus4 E

You are the hider, I am the seeker

My twin, I'm in flames, I'm rolling about

I have a name, you call me by none

My twin, I'm on fire, come put me out

Em Am7

As God is my witness, I try to be strong

But my twin, I'm on fire, don't string me along

Wake you from slumber, you fall so hard


Twin, we're in flames, we've gone too far

D G Esus4 E

My pockets are empty, your heart is stripped bare

My twin in flames, we're not even there

Em Am7

Can't see past the border or smoke

My twin enflamed who I'm sorry I woke

The circle continues as plain as can be

My love, let me go, I should let you be

D G Esus4 E

You are the runner, I am the chaser

My twin in flames 'til we meet again

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