Acorde de Face To Face (Original Version) - Daft Punk

Letra de Face To Face (Original Version)


capo 2nd

intro Em Em Dsus4 Cadd9


Em Dsus4 Cadd9

(play one strum of em)


What's going on ?

Dsus4 Cadd9

Could this be my understanding

Em Dsus4 Cadd9

It's not your fault I was being too demanding

Em Dsus4 Cadd9

I must admit it's my pride that made me distant

Em Dsus4 Cadd9

All because I hoped that you'd be someone different

(finish on Em before chours)

G Em

there'd not much i know about know about you

G Em


Fear will always make you blind

G Em

But the answer is in clear view

G Em

It's amazing what you'll find face to face


I turned away because I thought you were the problem

Tried to forget until I hit the bottom

But when I faced you in my blank confusion

I realized, it was a mere illusion

It really didn't make sense

Just to leave this unresolved

It's not hard to go the distance

when you finally get involved face to face

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El acorde de Face To Face (Original Version) de Daft Punk es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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