Acorde de Days of '49 - Bob Dylan

Letra de Days of '49

Am                     G  

I'm old Tom Moore from the bummer's shore

Am G Am

In the good old golden days.


They call me a bummer and a gin sot, too

Am G Am

But what cares I for praise

C Am

I wander around from town to town

C Am

Just like a roving sign,

C Am

and all the people all say "There goes Tom Moore

G Am

in the days of '49.


In the days of old, in the days of gold


How oftentimes I repine


For the days of old when we dug up the gold


In the days of '49.

There was Nantuck Bill, I knew him well,

a feller that was fond of tricks.

at a poker game he was always there

and heavy with his bricks.

He would ante up and draw his cards

and go in a hatfull blind


In a game of bluff, Bill lost his breath

In the days of '49.

There was New York Jake, a butcher boy

He was always getting tight.

and every time that he got full

He was always hunting a fight.

One night he run up against a knife

In the hands of old Bob Kline

and over Jake they held a wake

In the days of '49.

There was poor old Jess, the old lame cuss

He never would relent.

Her never was known to miss a drink

Or ever spend a cent.

at length old Jess like all the rest

Who never would decline,

In all his bloom went up the flume

In the days of '49.

There was roaring Bill from Buffalo

I never will forget.

He would roar all day and he'd roar all night

and I guess he's roaring yet.

One night he fell in a prospector's hole

In a roaring bad design,

In in that hole roared out his soul

In the days of '49

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